Eye to Eye Fashion and Comfort

Fashion and Comfort

Eyeglasses carry an obvious style element for most wearers, and Xavier helps his customers sort through the collection of styles to find the glasses that they believe looks best on them.

As a craftsman this means helping the customers as they select the type and shape of frame and any customization that he can make right from his in-store-lab.

Both aesthetics and comfort are connected to the unique personal preferences of each wearer, so opticians must be capable of identifying the best matches for each customer’s tastes and they must show patience when helping them through the process.


The chief role that Xavier holds is helping customers find the eyeglasses or contact lenses that are the best match for them medically.

This starts with ensuring that customers’ prescriptions are used correctly to find eyewear that will serve them well, providing each individual with the best possible vision and reducing any possible strain that glasses or contact lenses of the wrong prescription could create.

Preparing the Lenses

After Xavier has worked with customers to determine the appropriate eyewear, he grinds the lenses and places them into the frames.

Customer Service

Eye to Eye Contemporary Eyewear serves in a role that is decidedly focused on customer service. In addition to helping customers with their medical and style needs, we will manage other customer service tasks that you need.

For instance, we adjust eyeglasses once they have been made and delivered to you in order to perfect the fit.

We can also make repairs to glasses very quickly, including when frames have been broken, and we teach our customers the proper methods for caring for their eyeglasses and contact lenses and getting the most productive, long-lasting use out of them.

Xavier will also handle typical retail organizational tasks, such as tracking and arranging inventory and completing customer purchases.

Eye To Eye Designer Eyewear Center
Xavier Bovie – Certified Optician
1558 Solano Ave. Albany, CA 94707
(510) 526-0862

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