Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses

Sometimes we could all use a pair of rose-colored eyeglasses. Like, for example, the first day at work after Easter, complete with belly-bloat rounder than an easter egg and the knowledge that your next Friday bank holiday is a full 361 days away. Just imagine our delight, then, to realize that those eyeglasses are no longer just a metaphor but an actual trend.

Rose-tinted Vintage Eyeglasses

Looking at life through rose-tinted spectacles

After all, with millennial pink proving to be a phenomenon that refuses to peak, we may as well accept the fact that life is better bathed in blush. And while a pair of bubblegum-vision lenses aren’t the most practical when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun, the squinting is worth it for the soothing, pale-pink glow through which you will see the world. Not to mention the Instagram likes. Unsurprisingly, planet celebrity… Read more at Belfast Telegraph

There is something about color-tinted eyeglasses that remind us of nosltalgic 70’s summer themes. As recent runways would show us, this is the next trendy accessory to have this summer season. Vogue notes that the vintage eyeglasses made a huge comeback thanks to labels like Gucci and Loewe.

Vintage Tinted Eyeglasses

How to Rock Those Vintage Tinted Sunglasses

The magazine also funnily relates that the yellow and orange-tinted glasses are what our uncles would usually wear. For us, it’s another summer accessory that we’ll wear daily on the streets or at the beach. Because admit it, we all want a fun alternative to our black shades without compromising the sun protection… Read more at Inquirer.net

How To Find Glasses For Your Face Shape | VisionDirectAU

Glasses should compliment your look, but with so many different styles to choose from, how can you find out the ideal frame shape for you? First, you need to find out what face shape you have and it’s easier than it sounds… Watch here

Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses Read more on: Eye To Eye Designer Center


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