Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses

Sometimes we could all use a pair of rose-colored eyeglasses. Like, for example, the first day at work after Easter, complete with belly-bloat rounder than an easter egg and the knowledge that your next Friday bank holiday is a full 361 days away. Just imagine our delight, then, to realize that those eyeglasses are no longer… Continue reading Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses

The World’s First Ever “Unlosable” Eyeglasses

The eyewear technology, works with an iPhone app that records the GPS location of your eyeglasses and tells the proximity when you’re searching for them indoors. This eyewear technology is backed by leading international pioneers including the founder of Aesop, Dennis Paphitis, and founder of Tyro, Andrew Rothwell. These Are The World’s First “Unlosable” Glasses Founded by… Continue reading The World’s First Ever “Unlosable” Eyeglasses

Vintage Eyewear Is Making A Comeback

There’s something inherently vintage about spectacles. As a historical technology, before contact lenses and laser surgery, there are few accessories that forge such an immediate visual link between the wearer and a less trivial, pre-digital age. And what better way to project that vintage timeless charm? Peck’s appeal: the return of retro eyewear For years the… Continue reading Vintage Eyewear Is Making A Comeback

Vintage Eyeglasses 101

It can be really challenging to find the right eyeglasses that really matches you. The options at your eye doctor’s office makes it seem like the only options are all Harry Potter–like specs or frames decorated with rhinestone Ed Hardy logos. Most people today turn to vintage or hipster style of clothes to get away… Continue reading Vintage Eyeglasses 101

Do Your Eyeglasses Fits Your Style And Personality?

Sophisticated, fun, sexy, smart, sporty, whatever style and personality that you have, the right eyewear can help you establish your personality and character. And if you choose to only wear one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, as well. Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality And Lifestyle Eyeglasses can… Continue reading Do Your Eyeglasses Fits Your Style And Personality?

Latest Eyewear Trends

Let us look back at the history of eyeglasses, it’s believed the first pair of specs came into focus during the 13th Century. Fast forward to now, 700 years later and it is very evident that a lot has changed in the eyewear industry. Today, more than ever, there are seemingly unlimited possibilities for eyeglass… Continue reading Latest Eyewear Trends