What You Need To Know About Your FSA Dollars

Flexible spending account

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A flexible spending account (FSA), also known as a flexible spending arrangement, is one of a number of tax-advantaged financial accounts that can be set up through a cafeteria plan of an employer in the United States.

Before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, one significant disadvantage to using an FSA was that funds not used by the end of the plan year were forfeited to the employer, known as the “use it or lose it” rule. Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, a plan may permit an employee to carry over up to $500 into the following year without losing the funds.

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“Giving clients our best is our success story” Eyeglass Store ‘Eye to Eye’ Celebrates 20th

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

– Michael LeBoeuf

Michale LeBoeuf’s quintessential business mantra resonates perfectly with Eye to Eye Designer Eyewear Store.

The store is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the business. Based out of the Albany/Berkeley area, California, the Eyewear Center considers this a significant milestone in providing premium eye care, custom and vintage eyeglasses and custom lenses, besides other eyeglass requirements and services for both men and women.

The 2oth anniversary of the store commemorates 2 decades of rewarding, fulfilling and profitable years in the eyewear business. Eye To Eye Designer Eyewear Center’s Founder, Xavier Bovie says We’re delighted to be celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is really catering to the clients needs to help them find that special one of a kind and often vintage pair of eyeglasses”.

Eye to Eye Designer Eyewear Center saw its inception in 1997, when the Xavier came onto the realization that he was naturally endowed with a knack for art and design. He decided to study and polish his skills for becoming a licensed optician and opened his own store.

As Bovie recalls, the earliest challenge was to amass a steady clientele by positioning Eye to Eye Designer Eyewear Center as a one stop shop for custom and unique eyeglass lens and frames.

Twenty years ago and today, customers are frequenting the Center on recommendations from regulars while the older customers have remained loyal.

As Xavier recalls, “One of the high points of Eye To Eye Designer Eyewear Center’s history so far was moving to the new location at 1558 Solano Ave in Albany, CA.

Currently operational with 2 employees, the Center is aiming to expand its outreach and grow the business by offering new services and selling more products. The Center offers unique designer frames, contact lenses, sunglasses, specialty eyewear, lens treatment, kids optical and prescription eyeglasses.

Eye To Eye Designer Eyewear Center would also like to thank friends, customers and all its partners for their well wishes on this happy occasion.

More information on the business can be found at www.eyetoeyecertifiedopticians.com

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Eye To Eye Designer Eyewear Center
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Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses

Sometimes we could all use a pair of rose-colored eyeglasses. Like, for example, the first day at work after Easter, complete with belly-bloat rounder than an easter egg and the knowledge that your next Friday bank holiday is a full 361 days away. Just imagine our delight, then, to realize that those eyeglasses are no longer just a metaphor but an actual trend.

Rose-tinted Vintage Eyeglasses

Looking at life through rose-tinted spectacles

After all, with millennial pink proving to be a phenomenon that refuses to peak, we may as well accept the fact that life is better bathed in blush. And while a pair of bubblegum-vision lenses aren’t the most practical when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun, the squinting is worth it for the soothing, pale-pink glow through which you will see the world. Not to mention the Instagram likes. Unsurprisingly, planet celebrity… Read more at Belfast Telegraph

There is something about color-tinted eyeglasses that remind us of nosltalgic 70’s summer themes. As recent runways would show us, this is the next trendy accessory to have this summer season. Vogue notes that the vintage eyeglasses made a huge comeback thanks to labels like Gucci and Loewe.

Vintage Tinted Eyeglasses

How to Rock Those Vintage Tinted Sunglasses

The magazine also funnily relates that the yellow and orange-tinted glasses are what our uncles would usually wear. For us, it’s another summer accessory that we’ll wear daily on the streets or at the beach. Because admit it, we all want a fun alternative to our black shades without compromising the sun protection… Read more at Inquirer.net

How To Find Glasses For Your Face Shape | VisionDirectAU

Glasses should compliment your look, but with so many different styles to choose from, how can you find out the ideal frame shape for you? First, you need to find out what face shape you have and it’s easier than it sounds… Watch here

Looking Through Rose-tinted Eyeglasses Read more on: Eye To Eye Designer Center

The World’s First Ever “Unlosable” Eyeglasses

The eyewear technology, works with an iPhone app that records the GPS location of your eyeglasses and tells the proximity when you’re searching for them indoors. This eyewear technology is backed by leading international pioneers including the founder of Aesop, Dennis Paphitis, and founder of Tyro, Andrew Rothwell.

Unlosable Eyeglasses Technology

These Are The World’s First “Unlosable” Glasses

Founded by young Australian entrepreneur, Allen Liao, Tzukuri eyewear is a new eyewear brand fitted with Bluetooth tracking technology that notifies you when you leave them behind.  The idea came to Liao when he lost his friends favourite pair… Read more at GQ Australia

In a few months, Allen Liao and Michael Sutton now are planning to open 3 pop-up stores. Liao is also selling 13,000 units of unlosable eyeglasses in Australia alone. The eyeglass technology that obviously appeals to youngsters and old-timers can also notify people when they have moved about 16 feet away from them. The notifications increase as the eyeglass owner moves farther away.

Eyeglass Tracking Technology

LOOK: Sydney student’s ‘unlosable’ eyewear to see more countries

An enterprising Australian student has developed a pair of “unlosable” eyeglasses. He got Silicon Valley’s support and co-founded Tzukuri in Sydney in December 2013. Now his innovation is set to see more countries outside Australia. Allen Liao, who hails from Sydney’s eastern suburbs, figured out the need for this innovation after misplacing a friend’s pricey eyewear. Liao’s line of Tzukuri sunglasses combines Apple’s… Read more at International Business Times

Tzukuri – Introducing Unlosable Glasses

Beautifully handmade glasses you won’t lose. Designed for life. Made in Sydney… Watch here

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Vintage Eyewear Is Making A Comeback

There’s something inherently vintage about spectacles. As a historical technology, before contact lenses and laser surgery, there are few accessories that forge such an immediate visual link between the wearer and a less trivial, pre-digital age. And what better way to project that vintage timeless charm?

Vintage Eyeglasses Comeback

Peck’s appeal: the return of retro eyewear

For years the vintage glasses frame market was dominated by 1950s styles. No more. With the high street and fast fashion absorbing that particular look, it’s finally moved on. It’s still familiar: designers are looking to pop culture, and cinema in particular, but it’s less obvious, more interesting — and unisex. It’s a new spin on “vintage”… Read more at Financial Times

The vintage style eyewear are still going strong. Thick frames are in, with a more wide variety of shapes, not just the classic black wayfarers thick rimmed specs. You know those vintage tinier frames Johnny Depp is always wearing? They are the perfect combination of vintage, bohemian, cool, and intellectual look.

Vintage Style Eyeglasses 2017

EYEGLASSES Trends 2017: What To Wear?

When it comes to eyeglasses we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever. Most people these days need glasses to function better. Hello short-sighted me and half the people I know. But eyewear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They’re fashion, they’re polished, they’re cool, they’re funky, and they come in so many designs to match each and everyone’s personal style, it’s fantastic. Shopping for a pair of great spectacles these days is a lot of fun… Read more at TheFashionTag.com

My vintage eyewear / glasses collection

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Vintage Eyeglasses 101

It can be really challenging to find the right eyeglasses that really matches you. The options at your eye doctor’s office makes it seem like the only options are all Harry Potter–like specs or frames decorated with rhinestone Ed Hardy logos. Most people today turn to vintage or hipster style of clothes to get away from the monotony of mass-produced mainstream fashion, so why not opt for vintage stye eyeglasses and frames, right?

Vintage Style Eyeglasses

How to Find the Vintage Eyeglasses of Your Dreams

The truth is that eyeglasses rule, and anyway you shouldn’t let your style choices be dictated by someone you’re trying to attract. Consider your less-than-perfect vision a blessing; your frames can act as an extension of your personal style… Read more at RookieMag.com

Legend has it that the vintage eyewear were invented by the Roman emperor Nero who, aside from an unsightly neckbeard, was known for avoiding the midday glare of the sun with polished emeralds held in front of his eyes. Then later, during the 12th century, Chinese judges in China would wear pieces of smoky quartz to conceal their faces while questioning witnesses. Fun fact!

Vintage Style Sunglasses

The Complete Guide To Sunglasses Styles

For as long as there has been a sun in the sky, there has been a need for sunglasses. However, like most other menswear staples born out of necessity, there is much more to these frames than meets the eye. Pun intended… Read more at FASHIONBEANS

2 Chainz Tries On $48K Vintage Sunglasses | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

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Do Your Eyeglasses Fits Your Style And Personality?

Sophisticated, fun, sexy, smart, sporty, whatever style and personality that you have, the right eyewear can help you establish your personality and character. And if you choose to only wear one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, as well.

Personal Eyeglass Style

Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality And Lifestyle

Eyeglasses can help people see the real you, or they can help create the image you want. The key is to find the right eyeglass frames to match your personality and lifestyle. The first step, according to eyewear styling experts, is to consider the different aspects of your life. “What do you really want your eyewear for?”… Read more at AllAboutVision.com

Nowadays, eyewear are less about seeing than being seen. Perhaps that explains why more people are using the term “optical wardrobe” to refer their eyewear collection. Today, the mood is smart. the geekier the look, the better. The fashion shows are partly responsible, with Gucci making early Elton John styles an important part of its new aristo-geek look.

Smart Eyewear Style

The Joy Of Specs

Confession: I have near-perfect vision but three pairs of spectacles. I know. As John Bunyan propounded in the late 17th century, “Spectacles are for sight and not for shew.” Given that around two million people in Britain suffer from some sort of sight loss, my appropriation of what is primarily a medical device is, at best… Read more at Vogue

How to Look More Attractive | How Wearing Glasses Can Make You Look Better

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